About Us

Living the RV life with two beagles taking in all the sniffs and adventures along the way! 

Hello; thank you for checking out the blog!  

We are Kevin and Bobbie Yocum an empty nester couple who are ready to take life where it leads us in our RV.  We have a daughter, Breanna, who attends Texas State University and majoring in Fashion Merchandising.  She dances as a Strutter at the University so for the next year or two we will be staying closer to her during her perfomaces so we can watch her do what she loves and finding small get aways when the time frame allows.  We have the two stars of the show, Cash and Blush the beagles, they keep the days interesting and full of fun.  Cash is our jester, he's full of personality and spunk, he loves a good game of fetch and frisbee and he's always hungry.  Blush is our little princess, she is a true version of sassy and sweet, the girl likes to snuggle but is also our brave hunter.  They are opposites that love each other like crazy!

Rving has always been in the back of our mind, but never did we think we would actually bite the bullet and do it.  We made this dream a reality and I'm so glad we did.  We sold our house and most of our possessions and took to the road October 31st, 2020!  The day in and day out of life is now more exciting; although everyday is not a grand adventure,  it's knowing that next week or next month will bring on a whole new journey.  You can say we have a new 'leash' on life!! ;) 

Follow us as we take on everyday living in an RV with two of the cutest beagles you'll ever see!